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Autologous skin grafting is the gold standard for covering areas of skin loss.1 However, traditional grafting is limited by accessibility issues and donor site complications—pain, risk of infection, scarring.2,3

ART (Autologous Regeneration of Tissue) is a revolutionary technology for harvesting skin without the drawbacks of conventional grafting. This innovative system will allow you to collect hundreds of microcolumns of full-thickness skin tissue and apply them directly to the wound site. It can all be done in an outpatient setting with minimized donor site concerns.3


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“By far, the most recent and exciting technology we’ve had in a long time.”

Terry Treadwell, MD, FACS

Discover how ART technology will transform the future of skin grafting.
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An in vivo study concluded that microcolumns of skin tissue can serve as a graft to improve healing with minimal donor-site impact.2

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